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The Holidays

I’ve realized this about the holidays: Everyone may not be having a great day. Everyone may not be having a bad day. It’s several people coming together to have a great moment.

I love the holidays, like most people. It’s the one time where people think about all the loved ones that aren’t there, but are even more thankful for the ones that are. It’s the happiest reminder of those who are gone.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, nothing can compare. We eat, give, and “change” all in the span of a month and a half. Isn’t that amazing to think about?

But, what’s more amazing? The fact that all the eating, giving, and changing takes place in such a short period of time? Or is it the fact that all of the eating, giving, and changing takes place during one particular time of the year? Why do we wait until the very end of the year for such amazingness to take place?

I understand the symbolism of each holiday; obviously that’s what makes them special. But why does it seem like we can only be thankful in November? Why can we only give in December? Why can we only get ready to change in January?

Out of 12 months, we spend maybe 2 of those months focusing on others and preparing to change for the better. I love the holidays, I love what they stand for, but why can’t we try to make all times like the holidays? It won’t diminish the celebratory energy we already have now; it will only increase the happiness of the holidays.

Why can’t we give everyday? Just because it’s June doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate Jesus’ birth. Who cares that it’s March? I can still be thankful. We have a whole year to celebrate these wonderful things, why limit it to a couple of months?

Every holiday isn’t promised, but right now, while we have today, let’s treat it like one.

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