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The Foundation

It’s hard to believe that man is God’s prized possession sometimes. We’re so wrong. We are created in His image and then go and try to change everything He’s put in place for us. With the same foul mouth we bless and curse. And with the same gifts and talents He’s given us, we use for every purpose but His. It’s a shame.

We’ve really messed up here. We’ve done all that we can to remove our Creator from every foundation He started. It’s a shame that churches tiptoe around issues because they don’t want to offend anyone. It’s a sad truth that people have to skirt around issues because they will be perceived as promoters of hate when they’re really promoters of truth.

What a time. It’s a sad time that I believe we’re to a point where if people could remove God from the Church they would. A very nation built under God does it’s best to erase His principles and promote sin. What have we done?! What are we doing?!?

God, it truly is a shame that we’ve done our best to take You out of everything that you were the foundation of.

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