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The Boyfriend And The Husband

The boyfriend has it the best!!!  He can do no wrong, and every good deed he does is golden 🙂

The husband, on the other hand, can hardly get it right!  Any good deed he does is suspect.  I mean, what is he getting at being so nice?

It’s a paradox with us ladies, how we trip over the little things our boyfriends do for us, reminiscing on them for days on end, and thinking how he’s such a keeper.  Marry the man, and though he does the same things and more, you might hardly notice.  Why?

I mean, a boyfriend gives you flowers, and you’re glowing.  A husband provides lighting for your home, but he gets no praise.  Husbands have it hard.

Maybe it’s just me, but I suspect it’s not.  Maybe it’s because when we’re single and dating, we’re easy to please and find it easy to love. …

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