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Thank You – Harriet Tubman

Did you really know what you could do? Things were bad for a while Today, we still have to go the extra mile. But you accomplished so much Freedom is no longer just a touch.

Dear Harriet Thank you There’s so much more I can do I can read. I can write. I can learn with all my might.

You’d be proud Or at least I’d hope I think I do my best I try not to mope

But when I complain I remember your hardships and pain Who cares if I’m the only one I won’t leave your work undone.

I hope one day you’ll know. How many lives you changed on the go. Women can vote now. Can you believe that? You worked for our rights. You laid out that welcome mat.

Things have changed They aren’t the best, but they aren’t the same We have you to thank for a lot of that Hopefully, we’ll continue to move forward and not go back

But even if the world never catches up I never have to join the corrupt God has a plan for us all In His plan for you, you chose to stand tall So in His plan for me, I will do the same They may not know mine, but they will know His name

Thank you for motivating us Even though it was dangerous Thank you for your sacrifice Thank you for risking your life

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