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Tell them it’s Human Nature

I’ve worried about disappointing people far too much in my life. It’s so easy so succumb to opinions that others have. It’s so easy to value people so much that you worry what they think or say. Face it, it’s easy to want people’s approval in certain areas of our lives.

It’s not that hard to want your boyfriend to really like your new haircut. It’s easy to want your parents to be OK with your college or work decisions. It’s not like you’re asking people what they would have done because you don’t want them to agree with what you did.

Approval comes in many forms. And because it’s so various, it’s so easy to want it. I believe that every person searches for approval from somewhere. Even people who “don’t care what other people think” want people’s approval on that. They want people to be OK with the fact that they don’t care, right?

Is there truly a way to not want any person’s approval? I don’t think so. I think that naturally we want someone to be OK with something we’ve done or will do. I don’t think that makes us bad people. I don’t think that makes us needy. I think that just makes us human.

In the end, is that so bad?

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