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Support is hard. People don’t know what to support and don’t know how to support. Even if they do support something, they don’t want to take the risk of being “grouped” into a certain category. However, when the “mystery” of support finally comes together, it is something amazing.

I must say that I have been quite pleased with all the encouragement I have seen. I’m happy witnessing the support taking place overall. It’s people supporting writing, people supporting photography, and people supporting weight loss journeys. I love it.

It has been an absolutely beautiful thing. I guarantee you that the people who have been supporting these people are probably the people who have been having the better days as well. It’s something about saying I want to make sure this is not all about me. I want to support someone else.

The feeling and emotion that you receive from the gratitude of that person is definitely worthwhile too. Obviously you aren’t doing it for that reason, but it is so beautiful.

I’ve just noticed a lot of people supporting people in my hometown and I am eating it up. I am loving every minute of it. Let’s keep on doing it. It’s what this world needs. It’s in need of people supporting people.

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