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Society makes it easy for us to turn on each other. Somehow we feel like if someone is doing well, we aren’t. And as untrue as we may know it is, we can’t stop believing it.

We believe we have to have the best spouse, the best job, the best car, and the best whatever. If we don’t have it, and you do, then we’re losing. We’ve been conditioned for competition. We’ve been taught to believe that life is the most competitive game out there and if you’re losing, you need some kind of foul play to get back in. But that’s just not true.

Life isn’t a competitive game of you against the world. You’re your biggest competition.

Success is not far away. Success is not impossible because someone else is successful. Success is what you believe it is for you, and it’s wherever you want it be. It’s all up to each individual. There are people who grow up in poverty that become business owners. There are people who were in abusive situations that go on to lead others out. And there are plenty of other struggles that people face that they overcome and help others to as well.

Don’t limit your definition of success to a basis of what other people are doing and what they believe you should measure your success by. It’s you v. you, and you have to decide what you want to do.

As for me, my success is not dependent upon someone else’s failure. I hope your isn’t too.

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