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Spiritual Warfare: Star Wars

It was the better episode of the series because to me it depicted a great spiritual truth when it comes to spiritual warfare. Yes, Star Wars Episode III. As many know there is a Force and a dark side of it. Darth Vader becomes who he is as he allows himself to embrace the dark side.

As I watched it today I saw a wonderful depiction of the ongoing battle between flesh and Spirit. The flesh (dark side) will forever promise to be better than what you’re going through now. It will promise sex outside of marriage will feel too good to not have. It will promise alcohol or drugs will make you feel better. It will promise money will make life easier. It will always promise bigger and better but will never deliver.

Darth formerly known as Anakin had it all. He had promise. He had talent. He was the one. The Force was strong with him. But the power of the flesh’s fear promised him more. His fear caused him to act in his flesh thus causing him to lose the things he wanted to protect.

The light side of the Force reminded me of the good that God is. God wants more for us. He never asks that we fear anything because fear is not of God. The very flesh that causes us to fear is the same flesh that causes us to lose focus of God. It’s easy to give into the dark side. It’s easy to believe we are being held back from something better that we really want. But that’s what flesh has us to believe.

There is a greater force. God is with us in Spirit and in truth. And the moment our flesh causes us to forget that is the moment we begin to lose everything we fought so hard to keep. It is not God’s will for us to be losers, but it is our choice.

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