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Some Kind of Wonderful

Sometimes I think about the people I would die for.

One thought I had was oh I would die for this person, but they had better bring honor to my name by my death. Like, I seriously don’t want to confidently give my life up for them and they squander theirs. I want my life sacrifice to be worth something. You know?

Sometimes that thought creeps into my mind. I would die for this person as long as they are willing to do this or that. It is the least they could do for me, right?

The thing is this though, Jesus died for us, hoping that we would accept Him. Hoping that we would accept His sacrifice, but knowing that some people wouldn’t. But His love for us all enabled Him to do so. And here’s the clincher, His love couldn’t allow Him not to either.

So here I sit, with my stipulations for who I would die for. Little imperfect me can’t give up her life without a promise of excellence from the person I would give it up for. And there’s Jesus. Perfect, wonderful, loving, Jesus, saying you may never accept Me, but I don’t care. I love you and I have to die for you with the hope that you just might love me back.

That’s some kind of wonderful.

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