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Simple Success

Waking up early.

I believe it’s important to take everything no matter how big or small as a lesson in life. It’s important to look at every situation and say “OK, how can I grow from this? What can I pull from this thing happening?”

Waking up early is one of those things.

Waking up early is symbolic of goal setting and goal achieving to me. People used to ask me how I could get up so early. I can truly say, if you get up the first time the alarm goes off, you can handle it. It’s a simple mindset of, I’m going to get up now. It’s discipline.

After a while, you start to realize, it’s not so bad. It’s not easy, but it’s not so hard either.

And we have to see our goals that way. Yeah, we have to have some things that we believe are completely out there on our list. But there also must be some things that we know we can do so that we can pat ourselves on the back for accomplishing. And once we achieve those things we have to look back and say that wasn’t so bad after all.

You might not be an early bird. I get that. So find the accomplishment in some other simple daily tasks. Achieve those tasks and create your own habit of simple success. Little by little, bit by bit, you’ll start to see changes, not only in your day, but in your attitude. Something as simple as getting up earlier has worked for me, so see what works for you.

All I know is, the earlier I get up, the longer I get to enjoy the beautiful day God created. I have even more time to spend with Him. What amount of sleep could top that?

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