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Seemingly Unanswered

How often do your prayers seem unanswered? I’m not talking about the prayers when you mention something to God and keep rolling. I’m talking about the wholehearted, intentional prayers. Those prayers that are accompanied by fasting. Those prayers that are repeated daily just in case God “forgot” or “didn’t hear you.”

I’ve been in that place. For some reason, as I lay in bed this morning, God put this topic in my head, “seemingly unanswered.” I don’t know if someone I know is specifically in this season. I don’t know if I’ll be. Perhaps, I needed a reminder of how often God has answered my prayers and this is how he wanted to remind me.

Immediately, I thought of Joseph. I thought of Daniel, women who were barren, Abraham, and Jesus. Of course there are many more people we could look into, but I think this first list is a great place to start.

The reason the topic is “seemingly unanswered” is because I believe that in the moment it seemed like God wasn’t answering. I believe in the moment even in my own life it’s feels that way. Work is hard, people are sick, and money gets tight and we’re thinking God are you not answering?

The goal here is to see that God does answer us. It’s to see that God’s response is always the best one, which is far better than what we tend ask for. Our prayers are seemingly unanswered, but that’s the point. They seem unanswered, but in reality, they’re answered and what we seek is provided for.

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