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Salvation won’t change your past.

What does salvation do for you? Why should I want it? How will it change anything? I think those are some major questions that people have. And I get having questions. We all have questions.

Being honest, salvation won’t change your past. No one makes changes in life because they want their past to be different, but because they want a better future. That’s a fact that what has happened has happened. So why does that come into play when it comes to salvation? These unwritten rules start to matter when getting saved comes into play, but they didn’t matter before.

This isn’t particularly for anyone but me today. I really just want to read this aloud to myself. This isn’t a post to convince anyone to get saved, although you should. The most dangerous way to live is to live not knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Salvation will not change what I used to be like. It won’t change my past. It won’t change the feelings I’ve hurt. It won’t change my hurt feelings. Salvation won’t change what I’ve done, but it will change who I become.

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