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Salvation in Skin

Have you seen Salvation before

Have you seen the tears flow more and more

Have you felt the mending of the aching heart

That was once torn apart

Have you witnessed the bright light

In the dead of night

Weren’t you amazed

When you realized there would be better days

Didn’t the Spirit lead you

Didn’t it make you new

Would you have imagined

That Salvation would be in this fashion

It wasn’t forceful

But it did pull

At your heart

That was the start

And once you gave in

You saw it was a win

Not for things that you had done

But for what Jesus had won

Now you know, Salvation came to this place

Now you realize, It came to us face to face.

#win #Poem #change #poetry #heal #pain #life #Salvation #Light #heart #Jesus

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