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I really don’t understand sabotage. It’s terrible first off. I mean why would you purposely try to bring harm or negativity on someone? It makes no sense, right?

But what I really don’t understand is when someone who has reached their goal sabotages those under them. You know, why is the executive sabotaging it’s successor in his old position? Didn’t she get what she wanted? What does it matter what their successor does?

But now, I realize it’s insecurity and pride. There is no reason to want to sabotage someone who is your successor unless you’re insecure about them doing a better job than you. Pride doesn’t want them to outperform their own performance. Or maybe it’s shame. Maybe a person is a shame that they didn’t do their best in their position.

All I know is that when I do my best, I don’t have time to care who’s best follows it. When I put my best foot forward and give it all I’ve got, I should only hope that the next person will do the same. When you’re secure with your best effort, sabotage is not only irrelevant, but ignorant too.

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