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Rock, Scissors, Paper

Rock hard

You blunt and break

With a clenched fist

You rule and take

Giving nothing

Yet taking all

It was no wonder what we did


Unbreakable you think you are

Broken you have made me scar

Rock beats scissors every time

Only paper can beat rock’s crime

Paper can cover all my scissors’ shame

Leaving your rock, only to blame

The shame of my scissors that always lose

Leaving me with more to further prove

True to me, true to you is all I want

No more feelings left to taunt

But me, in my way

I love so strong everyday

I sacrifice my need for your want

My next move I know you will haunt

I can’t bear to see you covered this way

So it’s scissors I pick everyday

I cut the paper that so easily would let me win

And undo the fingers I extend

From my covering, you are free

Taking whatever is left of me

This is much more than a game I’m here to play

This is me, this is my life, I can’t live this way

Your rock hard heart

Blunts and tears my scissor cut feelings apart

This paper covering relationship hides what’s true

My scissors with your rock, they just won’t do.

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