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When you are supposed to do something should you get rewarded for it? If you do anything that you are supposed to, do you think you should get rewarded? If you are rewarded that’s good, but should you expect one?

I’m not one for rewarding behavior that should be fluid, behavior that should be second nature. I’m fine with rewarding the consistency of it, but it shouldn’t be expected just because you did what you were supposed to. It’s like a student coming to me and saying he should get 100 in the class for showing up. Well, it’s class, you’re supposed to show up.

But God operates differently than us. God rewards behavior that we should do. He blesses us for doing what we were supposed to do anyway. And what we are supposed to do is God’s will. Everyday is a cause for a joyous occasion because it should be spent in God’s will.

You know, honestly, everyday is meant to be filled with God doing what He wants to do and us enjoying the outcome of that. So what that means is that everyday is meant to be filled with us doing God’s will and enjoying the results of being obedient to Him. We get to enjoy the results of being blessed for doing what we’re supposed to do anyway.

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