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Receive Right

I’ve been having a tough time. I’ve been holding my mirror and I haven’t enjoyed what I’ve been seeing. Even the things I kind of like, I’m not excellent in. I’m just seeing a good effort.

I’ve been praying heavily for comfort and encouragement. And what I don’t get is why I’ve been praying for it, receiving it, and still acting unphased, or even worse unappreciative. Since I started this new journey, God has provided scriptures, devotions, and sermons about adversity, purpose patience, etc. You name it, He’s gave it. But if I wasn’t going to appreciate it, what was I praying for it for?

Truth be told, I had to call myself out. God showed me my wrong and my foolishness. I was praying for God to give me something that He did and still not doing my part in it all.

So recently I had to ask God to help me pray and receive the right way. I really had to tell God, do not let me pray for something You will give me that I will not appreciate. Enough is enough.

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