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Purpose (part 2)

When we pray for purpose we rarely pray for something small. You know, we think purpose and we think of speaking to a crowd, or leading several people to Christ. You hardly think of praying for someone, or reading with them being the big task.

The person who went and prayed for a group of people at their job didn’t serve less of a purpose than the person who preached a sermon to 1000 people. They were both operating in God’s will and serving the purpose that He put them there to serve.They were both busy doing a work for God. They were both honoring God. The amount of people affected isn’t nearly as important as who will affect them, which is God.

God is showing me that “even if” is just fine. Even if my purpose is only to show up and pray in the office or classrooms, then that’s just fine. I’ve been struggling with purpose on my job. All I can think of is that I’ve prayed with a few people, met some new people, and that’s it. But if I am only here to pray for people, and that’s what God wants me to do, then He needs to know I can handle that.

If He can’t trust that I will walk in my purpose to pray for people, then how can he trust I’ll serve my purpose in leading people one day? God has said if praying is all I need you to do, who are you to question that?

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