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Princess and the Frog

I’ve been thinking about relationships, as I often do. And in my own relationship I’ve realized that it’s really easy for me to get caught up in what he can do for me. He can buy me flowers. He could take me out more. He could write more letters. He could…

Now, I’m not saying it’s wrong thinking to think about the things a man should do for you. I encourage it. I believe that the issue with dating is that people have settled for what they hope they can get and continue to lower the bar once they get it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be treated like a princess or queen. But… how often are we behaving like royalty?

I know I deserve to be treated like a princess, but I also know that it’s all too easy to get wrapped in the selfishness of the evil queen. How often do we as women think about what we could do in the relationship? If at any point I start to think about what he can do more of for me, I have to take the very next breath to think about what I can do for him as well.

Every princess should have a prince, right? So what have you done to show him he’s not a frog?

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