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I don’t really get into political debates. It’s not a whole lot of productivity that comes from them. In the end, most of the time, we just have to resolve to disagree. The big issues for you aren’t the big issues for me, and for that reason it can be difficult to come to common ground. It’s OK. It happens.

That being said I’m not a Trump fan. I’ve never been one, long before his political career even started. I’m not an avid Clinton supporter either. And sadly, most people aren’t either one. And it’s scary that this is what we’ve come to. “Anybody but President Obama,” right? Well that’s about what we’ve got now. Anybody…

I will say this. It has always at least been realistic that Mrs. Clinton could possibly be a Democratic nominee and/or President. Whereas, Trump running and becoming President has always been a joke. That in and of itself is scary to think that a person we joked about being President actually has a shot now.

But in all this, what I want to say is that we have to not stereotype one another. Election time gets ugly, and while entertaining, I feel it is a time when America’s flaws are brought to the forefront. It’s a time when we really see backbiting and a country that is supposed to be one nation under God become something far from it.

I must say, in this election season and the many to come, remember: All Republicans aren’t bad, and all Democrats aren’t bad. It’s just unfortunate that the majority of those who represent us aren’t doing so good.

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