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Perfection Poem

I had the opportunity to do some poetry with the Senior class at our school. This was “my” poem, thank You Lord.


There is this thing.

I wish I could change

And because I can’t

I give it a different name.

“Doing my best”

That’s how I mask its identity.

Yet when I don’t excel

I start to believe less in me.

Look this way

Tone it, straighten it, make it up.

Its self-care we say…

So what?

Perfect that selfie

Glorify that snapshot

Am I obsessed with me?

Am I all I’ve got.

I made a mistake today.

Someone got in my way.

In the way of this thing I’m striving for

Don’t they see I’m knocking at its door?

Make time for people

Who really has time for that?

I don’t even make time for my best.

Not while I busily strive to beat the rest.

Be the best

That’s the test

The best teacher, the best wife

Being the best, that’s my life.

This is an expectation that has been set.

And if I mess up I will let

Down family and friends

Don’t they need me to win?

No. They don’t.

That’s not what I want.

Your perfection is not enough.

Didn’t you have to receive My suffering cup?

Why do you stress?

Why do you worry?

There’s peace in My Perfection

Accept it hurry

You’re striving for something

I did not ask for

You need less of you

And of Me more

Let it go

It’s not your burden

Cast it away

Don’t go on hurting

I’m trusting You Jesus,

But are my mistakes okay?

I know You saved us.

But won’t they get in the way?

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Child

Listen loud and clear

My power is made perfect in your weakness.

You are My masterpiece; don’t you see this?

Don’t try to be perfect, not on your own

That possibility is long gone.

Strive for perfection, but only in Me

So that when you face the world, it’s Me they will see.

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