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People Hurt

The truth is people hurt people.

People hurt people on accident. People hurt people on purpose. And people hurt people because they don’t know how not to. Sometimes people try so hard to do what they think is right that they become someone they aren’t. The reality of this effort becomes so extreme that people don’t know who the person around them is, thus a hurt derives from the confusion of realizing you don’t know the person.

Wouldn’t it be great if we only hurt people because we tried so hard not to? How different would the world be?

People get hurt. Some people hate it. While some people can’t live without it. And for whatever reason, some people like being hurt. Some haven’t learned how to live happily.

I believe this world can’t go on without the hurt though. Whenever things are going too right people like to find a reason for them not to. They like to find some type of skeleton to pull out just in case things start going too good.

We see it all the time in relationships. We even allow other people to convince us to feel this way a lot of times in relationships. He’s being nice, something must be wrong, when it should be he’s being nice, something must be right.

It’s scary to me that we live in a day and age when we’ve been so jaded in our relationships that we believe something wrong must have been done to us for our counterpart to be kind to us. It’s strange to know that we can lower our expectations so much that we accept mediocrity and a little lack of trust as a norm for relationships.

I’ve done it. I’ve allowed myself to undergo such foolishness in past relationships that when an ex is nice to me I think it’s weird. How did I let myself become that person? Like a lot of people, I got hurt.

From that hurt I became that person who settled for thinking that those relationships were as good as it was going to get. I wasn’t always treated like I was the only one of me there was. And I didn’t demand that treatment either. And no matter how I look back on the past and want to blame someone else for my hurt, I can’t. I was the one that adapted.

I adapted to arguing. I adapted to going through the motions. I adapted to something that masked itself as love from both perspectives. It was me. Because I chose to adapt to hurt I don’t get to blame anyone else for it. How did I adapt? I reacted vengefully. I hurt people so we could have it in common.

People hurt people. I hurt people. I’ve hurt people purposely and unintentionally. We’ve all hurt people purposely and unintentionally too. The question is, how many people care?

The best I can say for myself now is that I do.

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