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People and Relationships

As I often do, I was thinking about people and relationships. I was thinking about how people are so torn up about a relationship or situation that didn’t work out. And then after a while they move on. They move to a better relationship, or a better place in their life in general.

That’s a hard place to get to. It’s hard moving from being broken. You’re confused. You don’t know why you couldn’t make it work. You don’t know why they couldn’t try harder. And eventually you stop wondering. You stop caring so much. You just move on.

It is hard to get to this point. If you can wake up and not be bothered that something you worked so hard at has ended, then you weren’t that involved. But when you are… When you’ve invested… The struggle is all too real. The blame belongs to someone, and you want to seek solace in the fact that it’s not you.

I was there. I struggled. I struggled to forgive. I struggled moving forward from that relationship. It was hard letting that job go. But at some point I finally did.

One of my favorite authors is Marianne Williamson and she said something that stuck with me (as she often does). She said if you pray for someone and forgive them two things will happen. They will change or you won’t care anymore.

I know right. It’s hard to not care anymore, but once you get there, it’s great. I don’t wish anything bad on anyone, I just don’t care as much about what they are doing, will do, and have done. It’s not wrong. It’s just freeing for me.

The true reality of life is that half the time people don’t see what we’re worth until it’s too late. And the funny thing is that by the time they see it, we don’t remember what we saw in them.

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