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One More Time

You know what’s really special? “Just one more time.”

Those just one more times make all the difference.We don’t realize it or treat it as such, but those “just one more times” are golden sacrifices. If someone didn’t check “just one more time” to see what you needed when you called, you might still be on the side of the road waiting for help. If someone didn’t say I’ll hear you out “one more time,” you might still be trying to find that job.

I’m so glad someone said let me see what Chanel is texting “just one more time.” Let me see what she is calling for “just one more time.”

The truth is, all the times before, I probably didn’t need anything. But that “one more time” I probably did. I guess what I’m saying is that “one more time” is hopeful. There is still some hope in humanity that maybe the next time, this person will actually need something worthwhile.

It makes me think about how valuable everyone’s time is. How special everyone’s listening ears are. And how kind we all have an opportunity to be. I’m making it my goal to not make anyone regret their “one more time” for me. I am giving them the hope that what I say will always be worthwhile.

It’s the least I could do. After all, those “one more times” do add up.

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