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One (Life to Live)

I love learning. I wish I didn’t always have to learn the hard way, but I’m still learning.

And I have finally had the light bulb turned on to this:

Don’t ever go through a trial and come out the same.

That’s worst than the trial itself, coming out unchanged from whatever you were experiencing already.

I make mistakes, but I’m not a mistake.

I am life changing.

I have to be. I don’t get a break, and I don’t want one. I can’t afford it.

I’ve got one lifetime to live this one right. That’s it.

I’m not going to die and be reborn into the same life and get to opt out of situations from this one.

Once it’s done, it’s done.

That’s why I don’t have time to beat myself up anymore. I make a difference. My trials made a difference. Whether I choose to truly believe that or not.

Whenever I look back on a foolish moment in my life, I wonder why it happened. Then I realize the change I was supposed to experience, I never did. I made the same mistake and continued making it. I didn’t change like I needed to, like I was supposed to actually.

One thing is certain, I can’t continue in my wrongs. I can’t not speak up. I can’t not sacrifice. And I can’t go on being okay with the wrongs I’ve done.

One is the number. And I’m going to make this one life count enough for the world.

There is no other choice for me.

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