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Once and For All Poem

He came down Left the throne and crown Experienced a human birth Dwelled here on earth

Wood and nails Were a part of the story He’d tell He was a carpenter you see Familiar with the tree

He lived a regular life Except He didn’t cause strife He had His ministry He accomplished a lot at 33

He had some followers and friends They vowed to be with Him through thick and thin He healed people and cast out demons He removed bondage and created free men

He came down, He stooped to our level This way He’d continue to defeat the devil Wood and nails had a new meaning It was on them that He was bleeding

For He was crucified For us He died And when it looked like it was the end He arose to show us why it had to begin

We needed a sacrifice–perfect and true We needed a sacrifice both me and you We couldn’t overcome the Fall So Jesus overcame it once and for all.

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