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Ode to Aunt Charlotte

I just want to be a person that’s there for someone. My Aunt Charlotte was always there. And what I miss most about her is the fact that she can’t be here. And what I appreciated the most about her was that when she could be, she would be there.

Wherever you were is where she would be. And I miss that. I miss her presence. I miss having someone who wanted to be there for you.Someone who always wanted to help you however they could.

And the biggest lesson I’ve learned from her is how important it is to be present in people’s lives. People can miss a lot of things about you. They can even mistake the things that they miss about you. But no one can mistake your presence.

Though the laughs we had were many. The meals you prepared were plenty. Your presence is the one thing that can’t be duplicated. To pretend as if it could, would be clearly fabricated. Aunt Charlotte you will truly be missed. Every second in your presence will not be dismissed. And even now, I write with a smile on my face. Knowing no one could take your place. You taught me the importance you see, Of how being present in someone’s life can be. And with tears in my eyes, today I proclaim The task of doing just the same. It won’t be as easy as you made it seem, But I’ll give it a try for the Rice Covenant team. You’re in good company up above And here on earth we send you all our love.

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