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No Menial Tasks

I wonder why we think so many tasks are belittling or demeaning to us. If there is nothing too big or too small for God’s concern, then why on earth do we think it’s too small for us? And that’s in anything. There’s no task too small to make a marriage work. No task is too small to be a vital member of a company. Nothing is too small to keep that friendship thriving.

You’re not caving in if you text first. You’re just in love. You’re not a lower level employee just because you took the trash out. You’re clean. You’re not needy or weak in a friendship because you keep the lines of communication open. You just care.

There are a lot of worst things in the world than thinking you appear weak because you reach out to others or because you do something at work that you could easily assign someone else. Thinking that you appear stronger by not doing these things is a much more obvious sign of weakness.

I didn’t always think this way. I knew that I couldn’t be the first to text after a fight. I knew I couldn’t admit I was wrong, or apologize first. What? Me? I didn’t even do anything wrong!

Looking back on it all, I realize I did nothing more than affirm the very weakness I tried so hard to mask. There’s nothing more mature than believing you’re not above some things. There is nothing quite as strong as not going out of your way to “win” every time you feel like someone is wrong.

The bigger person realizes that no matter how small any matter is, he can help. He realizes that “winning” or being right isn’t nearly as important as simply caring.

What I’m really saying is, if Almighty God concerns Himself with the small stuff, why don’t we?

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