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Need v. Want Prayers

God, I just pray that You will give me the ability to receive the word I need to hear and not just the one I want to hear.

It’s easy to receive what we want to hear. It’s easy to receive financial blessings, new job opportunities, or that the wait is over. It’s not hard to receive the news that Mr. Right is on his way to you. It’s so easy to receive any of that because it’s what we want to hear. It’s what we hope to hear.

But it’s completely different to receive something that isn’t fitting into your plan. It’s hard to hear, stay another year. It’s harder to hear your check isn’t coming or there is no raise. No one wants to believe that they’ll be sick a little while long. Women don’t typically like to hear that Mr. Right is currently Mr. Wrong right now.

Those things are hard to stomach. We don’t want to hear that stuff. We don’t want to hear that nothing we planned or hoped for is coming, but stay strong in the meantime. That’s bad news to us.

So I just have to pray for the ability to forever receive what I need to hear more so than what I want to hear. At the end of the day, God knows every need and every want. And what He knows about me is that sometimes I need to hear what I don’t want to.

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