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Need It or Want It?

I’ve heard people pray that God will give them the money to do this and that before. “Oh God, provide the money to get that car I’ve been wanting since I’m getting rid of the old one.” Do this for me God. Do that for me God. Give me. Give me. Give me.

Now, I believe that God does give you some of the things you want. I am not saying it’s wrong to ask for things or pray for them. But I do believe it’s wrong to want God to provide you with your wants when you aren’t taking care of your needs.

I want plenty. I admit that. I need more than I want. My needs are a necessity. And I just feel like too often we’re standing in the midst of our needs, but ignoring them because we’re so focused on what we want. And what I’ve witnessed is that when God blesses us and gives us the ability to have that want, we still don’t do what we said we would with it.

It’s sad that even when God gives us what we want we don’t do what we promised we would with it. And it’s even sadder when we ignore so many of our needs to pay for our wants.

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