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NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo, whichever you partake in, I sure do enjoy. It holds me accountable. I can not be too tired to write. I can’t make any excuses for not writing. I have to write.

I like it. I understand the idea that it is unrealistic to write a novel in just a month, any person should be able to get that. The object is to get you to write, no excuses. Write.

The biggest issues I face with my writing is that I don’t like writing bad. I don’t like writing when I have nothing to say. I love writing, but I don’t like doing it unpurposefully. You know?

However, NaBloPoMo has helped me to get over all of my issues. It says write, period. And truth be told, when I write period, even if it’s bad, ideas come. Slowly but surely, ideas do come.

What I’ve realized is that sometimes you have to just write. At some point, you get so many bad ideas out that the only ones left are good ones. And I think that’s the spirit of NaBloPoMo. Just write. Write good. Write bad. Write long. Write short. Write. Write until the bad becomes good. Just write.

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