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My Light

God has given me a specific light to shine. I have finally realized that the things I think are so common about myself are the very things that make me extraordinary. And finally, instead of treating them like gifts that everyone possesses, I’m treating them like the specific gifts that they are for me.

I live a specific life. And I have a specific purpose. And I have a specific dark area to illuminate. And the longer I dim my light, the longer those places stay dark. If I continue to dim and dumb down the things I do, I continue to contribute to darkness. I can’t do that.

God revealed to me the fact that any situation that I grow through as a test is always purposeful. I’ve been praying daily to be a light in a dark world, but wondering why things have to be so difficult. That situation is the dark place that I have to be in in order for my light to shine. That person, that job, whatever it is, that is that dark place that needs to be lit.

In other words, He was saying, “I’m answering you.” You see, what God was telling me was that I can’t pray to be a light in a dark world, but ask to be kept in well-lit areas. And that’s the issue with a lot of us. We pray to be used by God, but have a request that we never have to get out of our comfort zone.

Comfort zones aren’t meant to dwell in nearly as much they are meant to visit. When I’m too comfortable, I get too confident in me. But when I’m tested, when I’m being pushed, and when I’m going through that trial, I have nothing to lean on but God.

My weakest moments have become my greatest strengths in God.

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