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Mr. Clean – The Ultimate Cleaner

A big mistake people make is thinking they are too bad off to come to God. They believe they need to do some fixing up before they can come to God. Now, if you feel like you’re too bad off as is to come to God, how are you going to make yourself better before coming to Him? You are the problem, not the solution.

If we could “get right enough” before coming to God, He would have never needed to come in human form. It’s an unfortunate thought process that somehow we actually can get good enough. It’s sinful. Jesus came simply because we, in our imperfection could never be perfect enough, we could never fix up enough, or be anything that is close to worthiness of God’s Kingdom. That’s the point of it all! We could never get right on our own. We will never be able to clean ourselves up before we come to God because He is the ultimate cleaner! So, let Him do what He has a history of doing. Not just cleaning sins, but completely washing them away.

You can’t get right before coming to God because you get right by coming to God.

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