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Well since I have a nephew on the way I felt like I would have a relevant excuse to not post. Then I thought, well his aunt needs to set the bar high. He can’t know I was half-stepping on his big day, right? So here I am trying to make Little Ayden proud early on.

I’ve been up all night and day and I have to tell the truth, I’m wondering how people give birth… It’s painful. It’s long. Yet, it is such a remarkable thing that no matter what the circumstances, the life being brought into this world makes everything else so irrelevant. I’m amazed that God made women so strong. He has granted us with an incomparable threshold for pain.

Women sit for hours, even days in pain, all for a child that may grow up and be a headache from time to time. Physically, mentally, and emotionally they give of themselves nonstop. A lot of times we focus on the physical sacrifice women make, but I think the mental and emotional sacrifices are bigger. Their entire lives change from that point on. Even if that first breath is never breathed, the sacrifice has been made. They have already undergone a change that can’t be undone.

I respect women who have children. I especially respect women who are mothers and not just child bearers. Being a mother takes a lot. I know it’s not something I want to do, but I definitely have complete respect for any woman that does. There are few sacrifices like putting your life on hold to give life. We should all be so thankful that a woman’s selfishness can be trumped by a heartbeat and one hopeful first breath.

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