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Missing It

Are we missing it?

Are we so busy complaining about work that we miss the blessing of employment? After all, God designed work, so God-honoring work is holy.

Are we too busy complaining about the kids that we forget to thank God for their health? Or are we too mad at our spouse to truly appreciate them?

What if we miss the blessings and the God moments because they don’t look like we thought they would. It’s possible. God came to earth once upon a time and lived here. And because He didn’t look like He was expected to, those who had been looking for Him missed Him.

Do we see God using people daily in our lives? Do we see Him in the smile? Do we see Him in the made bed or dinner? Do we see Him in the thank you note or email? Are we even looking?

Don’t overlook the natural because it doesn’t “look” supernatural.

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