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Marriage – The Golden Opportunity

I know. It’s me again with my “no relationship experience,” except some bad ones, talking about how good or bad they can be.

I was visiting a friend and I was hit the realization of the simple truth that marriage really is a good thing. And not just any marriage, but godly marriage. So yes, that eliminates all the other ones from that statement.

Marriage is a support system in every way. You get to support each other in love, finances, growth (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical), etc. You get to laugh together. You get to cry together. You get to share things that only you and your significant other should ever share.

There are so many things you get to do in marriage that you don’t get to do in anything else. And there are so many things that are OK to do in a marriage that aren’t OK in just a dating relationship. Yes, I am talking about sex.

Marriage is good. It’s hard work, but it’s good work. And what you put into a godly marriage is what you will get out of one. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? But is it? Why is it hard to keep God in the middle of it all?

Simply put, our flesh.

I am currently dating someone, and although we are still in that “everything is just right” phase of dating, what we have to continue to pray for is God’s will. It’s important that he and I always pray that God will be at the center of our relationship, because our relationship will only ever be as good as the amount of God we have in it.

We know and understand that the second we allow our flesh to cause us to “forget” to incorporate God in our dates, in our visits, in our talks, that we are making a choice to not receive the best from that moment we have together. Have we gotten it all right every time? I wish. But all we can do is pray that we get it right next time.

So, I say all that to say that when God is at the center of your marriage or relationship, both parties can get what is best. Marriage really is an opportunity of a lifetime, but it is only with God that you experience just how true that is.

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