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Living on Purpose

I am on a writing frenzy these days. I’ve got bitten even harder by the writing bug and I love the infection! Let’s talk about purpose briefly.

I wonder what the world would be like if we all did everything with an actual purpose behind it. Not because we could or just wanted to, but because we knew the outcome would be completely worthwhile. Wouldn’t it be great?

It would be nice if everything I purchased was to serve a real purpose bigger than mere entertainment. How great would it be if every person who wrote would write with the purpose of making a difference? I’m not saying everyone has to write a history paper or take a political stand or write only devotions, but wouldn’t it be nice to read something that encourages you or relates to you?

I think we’ve lost the urgency of purpose. We’ve forgotten that we all have a purpose and the things we do are supposed to promote that purpose. We are worth having a purpose. Our purpose is worth achieving in our lifetime. Achieve it. Little by little, achieve your purpose.

I have a purpose that I have to achieve. I enjoy encouraging people and I will continue to write encouraging blogs until God tells me to stop. I will continue to write in a way that people can relate to because I believe that people feel encouraged when they can relate. Our life purpose is a grander scale of what our daily purpose is.

Eventually, it’s all going to come together and it’s going to be worthwhile. But it’s not going to come together if you don’t have anything to put together. Give your life purpose something to work with, and start today. Today, what do you need to achieve that is going to make all the difference on down the line? Let’s get it!

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