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Living in the Moment

My prayer has been to live in the moment. I’ve been praying to be intentional in the present moment so that I can appreciate it much more.

For me, its actually not been that easy. I mean, I want to, it’s not like I’m against intentionality or living in the moment. It’s just that my brain doesn’t seem to work that way.

When we vacation I’m already thinking about how hard it will be to get back to work. Or once a school break starts I soon after start to focus on everything I have to do when I get back.

I don’t purposely do this. And it doesn’t even bother me all that much. But should I do this?

For one thing, when I do this I put my focus on and in the future. That’s not necessarily bad, but the future is not under my control.

Secondly, I don’t honor the time or people I have time to spend with when I do this. My mind and sometimes even my heart are elsewhere so they don’t get all of me.

Thirdly, I’m pretty sure God told me not to worry about all that’s coming up. In fact, I believe He said, today is plenty for today.

So how do I start to intentionally live in the moment? Well, I remember that what will be, will be, and God doesn’t need my help for that.

And next, I remind myself that right now is all I truly have. And to honor God is also about being a good steward of the resources He’s given me, this particular one being time.

How did you stay present focused?

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. Matthew 6:34 NLT
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