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Jesus + You > Conqueror

This question has been on my mind. And if anyone else has any godly insight to share, feel free to.

OK, the question is, if we are more than conquerors, why do we act so defeated?

A lot of times when I think about my life, I don’t feel victorious. When things aren’t going my way, I don’t really feel like a winner. I don’t feel like more than a conqueror. But, why is that?

Everyday can’t be a winner (can it?), but why do so many days feel like we’ve lost before we have even started?

I think that I simply forget how successful I am in Christ. If every day I reminded myself that as a Child of God I have already won, it would be a lot easier to feel like a winner. And if I didn’t feel like one, it still wouldn’t matter because it wouldn’t change the fact that it’s true.

We get too into our feelings. As Eric Thomas has said, behind your feelings is nothing. And he is so right. At the end of the day, how I feel matters minutely compared to anything else. I don’t always feel like loving, but that doesn’t mean I should stop showing love. I don’t feel like working, but that certainly doesn’t mean that I should stop.

If you don’t feel like more than a conqueror or at least a conqueror, then have you reminded yourself who you are? And to know who you are, you have to know Whose you are. And if you are God’s, you are more than a conqueror. You are a conqueror and then some. And if you don’t feel like it, conquer anyway.

Romans 8:37 (NIV)

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

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