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It’s What God Does

The Geico commercials are some of my favorites. If you have seen them then you probably understand how humorous they are. If you’ve seen them, you know they pick some random thing, like a race car driver. And at the end they say something like if you’re a race car driver you drive fast, it’s what you do.

And as silly as those commercials are they make simple sense. It’s what those things do. And it’s just like calling on God for what He’s known for. It’s not foolish to specifically call on God for that need because He’s a Provider. It’s what He does. I was praying the other day and when I called Jehovah-Jireh it hit me. God is my Provider. It’s what He does.

What God told me this morning is that in order for me to really experience Him as so many things, I have to be in a place I don’t necessarily want to be. I have to have a need that I can’t meet to get an even fuller experience of Him as a provider. I have to be in a little bit of chaos to really experience Him as Peace, Jehovah-Shalom.

I guess I’m just saying to everyone and myself that the valley isn’t pointless. It’s not easy, but when we are in the valley is when we get to really see God, and see God at work. And instead of just knowing Him by those names, we experience Him as such.

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