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It’s Been Tooooo Long

I had a reality check when I looked at my blog to see when was the last time I posted. I couldn’t believe it was going on a year. Not that I believe people sit and wait for me to post, but because God has used writing in such a positive therapeutic way in my life and has shared many things that have been both helpful and encouraging to others.

In addition, they have been great ways to hold me accountable in my life. Causing me to reflect on the things I’ve said I’d do in the future, or causing me to be intentional in sharing what He’s shared with me.

I would like any readers or followers to know that I have been writing. I intentionally wrote this summer on the book D. A. U. G. H. T. E. R. S., and while I figure out the next step to publishing it, that’s certainly no cause to excuse not writing more altogether.

As National Novel Writing Month approaches, I don’t want to find cause in simply posting daily to celebrate writing, but I would like to intentionally get back into the habit that has been such a blessing in my life. For those people I have followed over the years, kudos to you. So much effort has to go into intentionally producing content, while living life with its many blessings and obstacles.

As before, my goal is to share excerpts from upcoming projects, as well as ideas or notes from “Study this Book,” the weekly Bible reading focus. As always, whenever God provides revelation or humor to share, you’ll be able to find it here also.

I know people don’t read much, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t write more. Maybe they’re really just waiting on you and I be used by God to produce more of the content necessary to encourage reading. Thanks for your patience.

Here we go. 😊

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