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Is it CHRISTmas Yet?

Is it CHRISTmas time yet? I have to ask. If you know me, you know I love Christmastime. I listen to Christmas music year round. We have a small Christmas tree we haven’t taken down since we bought it.

Why do I love Christmastime? It’s a celebration! We celebrate Jesus birth, and whether people believe in Jesus or not doesn’t change the fact that that positive energy in the air comes from that celebration.

It’s a time of giving. And it’s probably the one time of the year that people want to give more than they receive. People look forward to giving something to someone and seeing their face light up.

Christmastime also makes me think happy thoughts and memories of loved ones who have passed. And it inspires me to invest in the loved ones that are present. Christmastime is family time. Christmastime is giving time. Christmastime is celebration of birth time. Christmastime is a happy time.

So I have to ask, is it Christmastime yet!?

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