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Intimacy with God

I have had some amazing time with God, and all it took was time with God. Pure, uninterrupted, intimate time with God.

It’s no coincidence that my burden is lighter when we spend time together. It’s not by accident that my thoughts are clearer when I lay it all at his feet. And it’s not happenstance that I feel a little wiser when we’ve spent time together.

The ideas, the understanding, the vibe that I have is completely different after I’ve spent time with God. I can’t explain it. It just is. I am in a space and time where I can just be with Him. I can be honest about my fears. I can be open about my confusion of the path I’m on. And I can express myself and cry out to Him.

It’s wonderful that God listens to me. No matter what. It’s so good to be with Him. It’s so beautiful to hear Him, to be lead by Him, and to welcome His presence and invite the change He has for me.

I spent time with God this week. And it’s all He asked of me. And the crazy thing is that He was just as thrilled about it as I was.

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