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There are a lot of injustices out here. Each one is harder and harder to stomach. It’s easy to give up hope. It’s easy to surrender to anger and frustration. It’s saddening to say the least.

I often find myself simply at a loss for words. Ahmaud Arbery’s family and many others are facing life knowing that a family member is gone. The reality of a lot of these situations is that evil and hatred is the reason why.

I don’t have the words or eloquence to say anything that would provide comfort. I could never do enough to comfort anyone who is facing or has faced any type of injustice. But God can.

God has a lot to say about injustice.

Proverbs 17:15, 18:5 The LORD despises those who acquit the guilty and condemn the innocent. It is wrong for a judge to favor the guilty or condemn the innocent.

We will never know why these things happen. But what we do know is that God sees it. And whenever it happens, He doesn’t like it.

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