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The saying goes that we shouldn’t mistake activity with productivity. I agree wholeheartedly. But there is also an issue with inactivity too, that one we pretty much know.

Patience is in fact a virtue, but a struggle I try to stay mindful of is that patience and inactivity are not the same thing. A lot of times I pray to God that I am patient, and I’m pretty sure some of those times I am just being inactive in the meantime. That’s no good either.

Yes, it’s great to have patience to wait for the job God has in store for you, but you can’t not apply in the meantime. You might be ready for that relationship, but usually you will have to date in the meantime. We have to be careful not to use patience as an excuse. Sometimes we use patience as a means of saying, I do nothing and God, you do everything.

God loves our trust in Him. He loves our trust through patience. But He isn’t keen on idleness. He’s not a fan of doing too much for nothing, but He’s not ecstatic about doing nothing at all either. He might really want me to be patient about that writing job, but that doesn’t mean to not write in the meantime.

Don’t mistake trust and patience for inactivity. God might be telling you to wait. But He is not telling you to wait idly.

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