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What if all you needed to know was that you are Mine?

That if you believed that truth, you’d be fine.

I didn’t need another someone else.

I wanted you, yourself.

What if you realized all that you mean to Me?

What if you allowed that truth to set you free?

That my desire for you

Is for you to desire Me through and through

What if you realized that I’m enough?

Would your life be as tough?

God, what I need to know is that I belong to You.

I am who You created, that’s true.

To You, I mean more than I realize or see.

Only through Your Love could this be.

The problem was never You, it was always me.

I couldn’t see past what I could see.

You were always enough, You set me free.

It was Your Love that let it be.

Only the way You see me is my true identity.

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