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I Miss You

I missed you today. But you were away, on business. I kept hoping you’d come back. I anticipated your return home.

I wanted to be with you. I wanted to laugh with you. I wanted to talk face to face. I wanted to hear your voice and see your smile. I longed for you. I wanted to be with you. I wanted to encourage you. I wanted to support you.

I just wanted to be with you. I just wanted you to be near. I just wanted you.

Being the longest amount of time my husband and I have ever spent away, I missed him. It’s been five days and I’ve missed him so much. But…

God reminded me that that pales in comparison to how much He has missed me. God showed me that He has missed me more than I could imagine. That He has and does miss me when I’m too busy. He’s missed me when I was at work in my mind and not focused on Him. He’s missed me when I promised to show up to just bask in His Presence, and got distracted along the way. He has missed me when all He wanted was me, and yet I came with planned, rehearsed prayers.

God missed me. And although I am the one that misses out when I don’t show up, He misses me.

He misses the times when I was present in His Presence.

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