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I’m Just Spoiled

Where do I get off thinking life is hard? I just saw Harriet and re-watched Ruby Bridges. One was a slave and the other was one of the first children to integrate schools. I’ve seen a lot of hate, but I have never seen anything like that. I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly stared at such hatred and evil in my everyday life.

So, where do I come off talking about how hard life is? Life is a cakewalk compared to what they’ve seen.

Where do I have any right to complain about anything? Every day Christians are being persecuted and executed. People are being killed for things I do every day. People were killed and persecuted for things I do every day.

So, as embarrassing as it is, and should be, I have to recognize my selfishness. I have to realize what’s true. That I have tough times for my day and age. That there are some days that are harder than others. But if I were to seriously think about the past, and how it could be, I believe I’d think differently.

So the changeable, but ugly truth, is that life isn’t that hard. In realistic comparisons to Harriet and other slaves, or Ruby and other leaders, life isn’t hard for me, I’m just spoiled.

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