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I Did Nothing Wrong

Why is it that when you’re the one that didn’t do anything wrong, you’re the one left feeling some type of way?

It sucks. It sucks when a situation has to be different and you know you did nothing to make it be that way. Your relationship has changed, you lost your job, you gained those extra pounds (sorry, had to), and you know you didn’t do anything wrong.

It’s kind of the worst. There’s no punishment the universe hands out quite like that of the innocent being wronged. In fact, after the reality of the fact that you did nothing wrong sets in, you start to wish you had actually done something wrong. At least then it will make more sense to you to be in whatever situation you’re in.

What do I say to all of that? What do I say to those feelings of being wrongfully treated? What do I say to those thoughts of wishing you had actually been the person to blame? What’s my point of view on it all?

Think about the situation. Think about your actions. Realize you did nothing wrong, and sleep like a baby. Rest easy knowing that you have the simple satisfaction of knowing that you did nothing wrong, and that that person, situation, or whatever it is will forever have to live with the fact that they or it knows it too.

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