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How Quickly We Forget

How quickly we forget.

Those taxes come in and we forget all our promises sometimes. Taxes came in and I got paid, and when I saw it I said okay, I can’t spend any more money right now. If I go home I can’t treat my parents to dinner because I’ve got to save up…

How quickly we forget!

Didn’t I spend days praying that God would put me in a financial place to help others? Didn’t I pray that God would bless me financially so that I could be a blessing to others?

How quickly I forgot!

If I can’t manage the 10k what am I going to do with 100k? If I can’t give what I do have to be a blessing, then why do I think I will be able to bless people if I get more?

Oh how quickly I forgot!

And instead of God taking what I do have away from me, He just gently reminded me of my promises. He simply said, now Chanel, think about that. And as gently as I always need Him to be with me, I even more drastically needed to get on my knees and ask for God’s help to keep my promises.

I need God to be in charge. And I need Him to stay in charge in my life. I don’t need to try to do anything but what He tells me to. And if He says Chanel you are going to treat your parents to dinner, then I have to treat my parents to dinner.

And so even though I quickly forgot, I’m so grateful that He quickly and simply reminded me.

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